Magic Money Walnuts
To order only one bag of 6 Magic Money Walnuts, click on the Buy Now button below:

YES! It can happen! You tell us how much you want inside (up to $50.00), add $9.99 and we will send them to you. Each order of Magic Money Walnuts include ½ dozen (6) walnuts with the total value of money you specify as evenly distributed within the walnuts as possible, and a drawstring gift bag.

Great for stocking stuffers, unusual office gifts, tasteful gag gifts.

Order early! Magic Money Walnuts are available for a very limited time and are in very limited quantity. The price may rise as the days become closer to Christmas, and then they will be gone (until next year).


1. Magic Money Walnuts may contain any combination of paper and coin money. Supervise children to prevent choking.
2. No choice of bag type, color, material, and/or decoration. These are randomly chosen by us.
3. If you have any special requests regarding these, please use the form below and we will do our best to oblige.

When your order is processed, you will receive an invoice; please pay this invoice immediately. As soon as your payment is received, your order of Magic Money Walnuts is placed for production.
Magic Money Walnuts are made to your order and may take up to 5 business days to complete. Please allow ample time for order processing, creation of your order and shipping.
1. Unless you notify me otherwise, I will attempt to package your items to save you shipping costs. (For instance, if you order a blanket, some Magic Money Walnuts, and a Serenity Bottle, I can place them all in one box and you pay the same amount of shipping as a Serenity Bottle only.)
2. Most items shipped via Priority Mail carry $100 insurance included in the price. I suggest insuring your package for the full value.

Imagine how surprised your friends, family, and especially the little ones would be to see money come out of … WALNUTS?

Imagine how a conversation may turn if someone cracked open a walnut at your Holiday party, but instead of a juicy nut falling out, your guest gets a quarter, a dollar bill, even a $20.00 bill!

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Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Can that happen? Money from walnuts !?!